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The backyard is where we spend a good portion of our hours during the warmer seasons of the year playing with the kids, entertaining or just relaxing. This makes your backyard an extremely important part of your home and as such you are likely always looking for great ideas for your backyard. These great ideas when put into place will not only make it more livable but increase your home’s value as well.

Below you will see 8 categories of backyard projects that will add beauty, value and livability to the second most used area of your home. All of the categories contain ideas, videos and tips that will get you started on creating that spectacular backyard that you have always wanted. Simply click on the categories title and you will immediately be taken to it.

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Deck DesignsThe backyard deck is one of those backyard projects that when done correctly adds both beauty and interest while at the same time minimizing upkeep. A friend of mine used to say that every year he was going to extend his deck because that meant he had less grass to mow. No matter what your motive may be a well done deck will provide you with a place to entertain friends or simply relax by yourself and enjoy a glass of wine. Click on the Deck Designs image above to see what’s involved.

Garden GazebosAs far as beautification projects go the garden gazebo is an addition to your home that will add a real touch of class to the backyard. A garden gazebo is probably not something that the casual weekend warrior should try to tackle, but some of the kits available will make the project as easy to build as possible. The kits come pre-cut and are delivered to your doorstep ready to assemble. Click on the Garden Gazebos button above to get more information.

Garden ShedsGarden Sheds are one of those structures that become almost inevitable the longer you own a home. As your collection of lawn tools, weed whackers and other items continues to grow and grow you’ll need someplace to store them. If you don’t it won’t take long before the garage becomes a place that has everything in it except a car. A garden shed can also add style to your yard as well when designed and planned correctly. Click on the Garden Sheds button above to see your next step.

Outdoor KitchensOutdoor Kitchens can be as simple as a built-in barbecue or as complex as a full blown kitchen. A full blown outdoor kitchen while being at the upper end of what most people are willing to do as one of their backyard projects will add a whole new dimension of livability and value to your home. Imagine having a complete kitchen with bar on your deck or pool side. While outdoor kitchens are expensive they can add a benefit to your home that few other projects will. Click on the Outdoor Kitchens image above to see what’s involved.

Patio DesignsPatios can be used either in place of a deck or as an augment to it. Whether it’s concrete, paver or flagstone with attendant its walkways a great patio design will add texture and increase your yards interest factor. While being more labor intensive a patio is always worth the extra work. The true beauty of a patio comes when you discover the maintenance is much less than a deck. Click on the Patio Designs button above to get more specifics.

Pergola Designs and Garden ArborsPergolas and Garden Arbors are free standing or supported structures that in the case of arbors provide a place for decorative vines and climbing plants to grow. Pergolas on the other hand can provide you with a quiet place at the end of the day in which to sit and relax. Both of these are wonderful creations that can be built quickly and as long as you have room for them are a great addition. Click on the Pergola Designs and Garden Arbors image above for further information.

Raised Garden BedsRaised Garden Beds are structures that can go a long way in making your yard plantable especially if your soil is clay laden or rock strewn. Your raised garden beds don’t have to be limited to vegetables either, they can house just about anything you want to plant. They can also be an attractive addition to any backyard as well and if you make them out of a durable material like stone will never need replacing. Click on the Raised Garden Beds image above to see what we mean.

Water GardensWater Gardens are my all time, hands down favorite backyard addition that you can add to your yard. The sound of running water is one of the most relaxing you can find and at the end of a long day at work you will find yourself looking forward to this refreshing treat. Water gardens also come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, with fish, without fish and pondless water features as well. All you have to do is decide which is best for you and get busy planning it out. Click on the Water Gardens button above to too get started on your watery journey.

So there are the categories of popular backyard projects, now all you have to do choose which one you will tackle this year. It may seem daunting on the face of it but with proper planning you will be surprised how quickly and easily things will go together. Once again thank you for stopping by the Backyard Ideas Center .com we hope you find some great ideas. Don’t just get great ideas though, implement them; you’ll be surprised how quickly things come together.

Please leave comments where possible to let us know what you think and to include any tips you may have.

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