A Backyard Fire Pit Will Add Real Warmth To a Deck Or Patio

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A Warmth Of Friends And Family Gathering.

Red Ember 45 PropaneWell as I write this summer is rapidly coming to an end and soon those chilly evenings of late summer and early fall will be upon us. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up spending time in your backyard though. As a matter of fact this can be the start of a whole new way to increase your family time and revolve it around a fire pit that you’ve added to your backyard.

Adding a fire pit is rapidly becoming a growing trend. A backyard fire pit can extend the usable time of your deck, patio and backyard in general. It can also help bring families closer together and if it’s a permanently installed pit it can also add value to your home. These are just a few of the reasons that these items are becoming more and more popular.

Let’s face it though for most of us a built in fire pit is not going to be a viable option. It might be that you don’t have the space available, local building codes prohibit it or your local HOA gets cranky about things that create smoke. This doesn’t necessarily mean though that you can’t have a fire pit, you’re just going to have to switch your thinking to the more portable varieties.

Dreffco 48 Round Gas Fire Pit With Bronze Reflective FireglassThe portable pits come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and varieties with the LP gas versions being somewhat more popular than the wood fired due to the fact that they are so easy to provide fuel for, are smokeless (a biggie if you have the neighbors nearby) and do not cause sparks. The one drawback to these though is that they don’t put off nearly as much heat as the wood fired type.

The price of the small units is also a big reason they are so popular seeing as a built in pit constructed of rock or concrete can run up to $1000 to have installed. The flexibility of the gas-fired units also make them interesting since they can be bowl shaped, have a table surrounding them and even resemble a built-in rock pit. The really great thing is that they are all fairly simple set up right on your deck or patio without having to hire anybody to do it. Simply have it delivered and set it up.

Not too long ago we purchased a gas-fired pit that was integrated into a table. This new deck table (which has replaced our glass table) has become the center of attention whenever we have guests over for dinner and then retire to the deck for drinks. You’d be surprised how group of people sitting around a small propane induced fire will get conversation started, especially when you break out the marshmallows. Yes I said marshmallows because there is no reason you can’t toast those as well when you feel like it.

Below are a whole slew of images of fire pits in all shapes and sizes. If you see one you like simply click on it and a new window will open to give you a more in-depth view. I truly have to say that we have never regretted for one minute having added are gas-fired fire pit to our backyard. It is made guests feel more comfortable, had them stay longer and always look forward to coming back.

So start checking out the fire pits and get one delivered before those cold frosty nights start to set in!



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