A Step By Step Installation Of a Backyard Pergola

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Yes It’s Work, But Worth It!

As I write this it’s the middle of March and pretty soon you’re probably going to be looking for a summer project to build in your backyard. The video below shows the installation and construction of a Pergola. The video is fairly in-depth in showing what it will take to construct one of the structures and shows you a number of tips and tricks for building a something of the size.

One of the things that might cause you some grief in constructing it is finding or creating one of those huge 45° angles he uses when setting the post locations. A second item that stands out to me that might be a problem is the post hole digger, especially if your home is built on solid clay or rock strewn soil. You might want to do yourself a favor and rent a power auger and be done with it.

All in all though two people with basic construction skills should be able to assemble us in two or three days. And of course that figures in time for beer every now and then to admire your work.


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Backyard Pergola



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