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Backyard Deck DesignA great backyard deck design can take your back yard from simply mediocre to a place where neighbors never want to leave.  Now whether you consider that a good or a bad thing is up to you, but that is the effect a great design can have.  A backyard deck will also help you get more out of your outdoor space by becoming an inviting outdoor extension of your home.

I know you’re getting tired of hearing this, but it is especially true with decks and deck construction, and that is proper prior planning.  Planning your deck and how it will be used provides you not only with an end product that is highly usable and inviting, but also easily expanded in the future to include other features.  This expansion could include raised garden beds, Pergola or maybe even a water garden.

So just what are some of the questions you should be asking yourself about any new deck you may be thinking about?  Let’s do a quick overview.

  • What functions do you want your deck to perform?  Do you want it to be formal for entertaining large groups or a more casual place for family and friends?
  • How large does my deck need to be?  There really is no good answer to this one since it will vary from person to person.  But a good rule of thumb is to go as large as the area and your budget will permit. You don’t have to build it all ay once either. If designed properly you can build it in modules as your budget permits.
  • Will you use it for sunbathing?  Then privacy and screening might be a top concern.
  • Will you need handicap access to the deck?  If so then ramps and grab rods are going to need consideration.
  • Are you going to want any type of lighting on the deck?  If the answer is yes, then you’ll need to decide where the electricity will come from and then run it to the deck.
  • Does your neighborhood have any covenants or restrictions on decks?
  • Will your deck need railing?  Generally any deck over 24 inches above the ground requires a railing to keep people from injuring themselves.  An alternate to railing is the possible use of wraparound stairs.
  • What type of decking material should I use?  There’s a raft of different types of decking material available these days.  Materials such as Trex Decking, cedar and even iron wood are just a few of the products from which to choose. Decide on how much maintenance you want to do vs. material cost.
  • Is your deck going to be on the second floor of your home?  It is suggested that you not tackle this yourself. Instead hire a competent contractor.
  • How about permitting? Always obtain permits from your local planning folks, since neighbors have a proclivity towards turning folks in to the local code enforcement.  You don’t want local code guy red tagging your deck.

Above are just some of the items that proper planning of your project will answer and not only will it answer those questions it will also give you further insight into what other functionality you might want to build into your deck design.  When you start exploring different patterns you can create with your decking and the physical shape it might take on your excitement level will only increase and possibly go off the charts.

We just gave you a quick overview of what you might want to include in your new deck.  Below are a number of links pointing to different elements of deck construction and design.  Please feel free to follow them and learn more about your impending project.  We hope this has been of help to you and we look forward to your return visit to our site

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