Complete Outline Of A Permanent Raised Garden Bed With Cover

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Permenant Raised Garden BedIf this is the year that you decide to put a raised garden bed in the backyard your first consideration for construction materials might be landscape timbers. Landscape timbers, depending on which type you choose, can be a good option. The problem with these is that they will all eventually rot out in time causing you to replace them.

Another option is to construct your garden bed completely out of concrete block. This is truly a way to create a permanent raised garden bed that has no chance to rot and will stand the test of time. That’s where the video below comes in that was created by jimginnyohio.

The video walks you through a very detailed explanation of how this raised garden bed was constructed and gives you the exact quantities of materials you will need. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider that will make this great idea even better.

  1. When constructing this garden bed leave one end open so that it will be easier for you to take your wheelbarrow in and out when filling it with dirt. You’ll thank me for this tip later when you aren’t shoveling garden soil out of a wheelbarrow.
  2. This video creator’s idea of adding wire fabric in the bottom to protect from moles and other burrowing critters is a great one. You might want to consider omitting the landscape fabric on top of it though since the depth of the structure will pretty much preclude any weeds coming up from below.
  3. If you have any ideas of planting a fruit tree in his bed then consider making at least 6 feet wide as opposed to the 4 feet shown in the video. This should keep the roots from pushing the blocks off the edge over time.
  4. Consider putting 1 inch thick concrete Blocks on top of the cinder blocks were possible. This will minimize garbage and insects accumulating in the holes of the cinder blocks over time.

So there you have it a very detailed way to put in a raised garden bed that will more than likely last longer than you do. All you have to do now is get building.


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