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Ornamental GazebosGarden gazebos are one of those structures that stir the imagination and makes one think of quiet solitude and getting away from it all.  Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes, but the most familiar to most of us are the octagonal or hexagonal gazebos.  These structures can also be elaborately detailed and decorated being reminiscent of old European or Victorian structures.

Since these are one of the most fanciful garden structures around makes it somewhat of a celebrity as reflected in many of the works of artist Thomas Kinkade.  His gazebo series of paintings made these structures their centerpiece, in which the peace and beauty of these creations shines through. Even though Mr. Kinkade has shuffled off this mortal plane his paintings and their beauty live on.

These structures are also one of the most challenging to build that we will address here on this site. With that said it is our considered opinion that this is definitely one of those projects that you may want to consider hiring a contractor for to make sure that everything comes out as desired. That is unless of course you possess greater than average construction skills.

As with all other projects requiring construction some of the most important work you can do is proper planning prior to cutting your first piece of wood.  Since most of these structures will range iof 12 feet in diameter you are going to have to measure carefully to make sure it will fit in its planned resting spot.  Also you might want to take into account what its primary use will be.  If your going use it for reading and quiet solitude then you might want to locate it as far as possible from any of your children’s play areas.

Other things to consider with gazebos is the fact that they are freestanding structures and as such will need to be anchored to the ground in some fashion.  In addition depending on how ornate you plan on making the structure will determine what specialized tools you will need, such as a band saw or router.  Electricity to your new structure may also be something you desire, so that you can use it for entertaining in the evening when lighting will be required.

Now maybe you’re saying “Wow!  This sounds like too much for me!” then you might want to consider purchasing a gazebo kit, which are readily available.  You can simply do all the measuring and planning, find a kit that suits your needs and then hire a contractor to assemble it.  While this may sound expensive it actually comes out cheaper than if you were to hire somebody to design and build the gazebo from scratch.  Also because it comes in kit form with everything pre-cut with a lot of the guesswork having been removed.

When choosing a pre-made kit ensure that all the connection hardware is either Brass or galvanized steel and that all specialized cutting has done with care, so that all parts will fit together easily.  Also what material is it made of and can it be finished naturally or will you have to paint it?  In addition nail down what is and isn’t included in the price, such as shipping, screens and benches.

But what if you’re a real trooper though and you want this to be your own DIY project? We say great because there’s nothing that gives more satisfaction than seeing a finished structure created entirely by your own hands.  Before starting any construction though please be sure to check and see if there are any covenants in your neighborhood prohibiting this construction and be sure purchase any necessary permits from your local planning folks. Local code people are usually pretty adamant about inspecting anything that might come down on someones head.

Below are a number of links that will take you to information that will hopefully make your pursuit of a new garden gazebo a little easier and straight forward.

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