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Garden And Tool ShedsIt doesn’t matter whether you have been in your home for a number years, have sold your home and are moving to another one or are buying your first home, at some point in time you will need more outdoor storage space.  Garden sheds always have and always will fill this niche very nicely and when constructed properly these structures will add their own special beauty to your property.  The big question is which shed is right for you and your home, because after all there are dozens of plans to choose from out there?

Sheds can be any size and practically any shape, ranging from small lean to sheds for your garden tools to structures that will look like a small version of your house.  Only you can answer what is going to work for you, your yard and most of all your budget.

With proper planning (there are those words again) you can easily determine how big a shed you’ll need and what style will probably work the best for your situation.  With that mind what types of questions should you be asking about your new building, so that you can get the best possible answers?  Let’s take a quick look at some of those questions.

Shed Questions.

  • The first and probably the biggest question is what is the intended use for the shed?  Do you intend it to be simply storage space for a lawn mower and some garden tools or is it going to have a wider role, such as a workshop.  Maybe you don’t want it for storage and all, maybe you want it as an office or writing space.
  • How much space can you actually devote to your new addition?  If you live in a neighborhood with covenants and restrictions then this may have already been decided for you.  The other thing is a lot of local building departments have limited the actual number of square feet of your property that you can cover with buildings.  Yes I know what will they try to control next?
  • Is your budget unlimited?  The answer is probably no, so you’ll have to determine beforehand how much are willing to sink into the project.
  • Do you possess all of the tools you will need to complete the project and if not can you rent them close by.
  • Will you want electricity in the garden shed or maybe for it to have its own power panel?  If so you’re going to have to determine how much power you will need and this is something probably better left to a qualified electrician, unless you already possess those skills.
  • Will you need permits?  The answer here more than likely a big maybe (can depend on size) and unless you live in a very secluded area I wouldn’t suggest not skimping here.  Remember big brothers eyes are everywhere and we don’t want to be red tagged.

These are some of the major questions that you’ll need to answer as you try to decide which sheds are your clear winners.  Other things like interior features can be left until the exterior of the structure has been erected.  The main thing is to make this an enjoyable exercise for both you and the family and to consider all ideas, because you never know where a great idea may come from.

So there it is a quick overview of what you might want to consider when deciding on new sheds and yes I do mean sheds, because after you get your feet wet putting up one the next one will be a snap.

Below are a number of links that will take you to further information on these small buildings so feel free to follow them and we hope they will provide you with the information that you are seeking.  Happy building!

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