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Outdoor KitchensOutdoor kitchens are definitely something that will not only add value to your home; they will also provide you with many years of entertainment enjoyment. These are not a project that should be taken on by the casual weekend DIY warrior. Since by definition these area are outside in the elements your choice of materials will be crucial in creating something that will last for years to come. So let’s take you through some of the considerations you’ll need to take into account when deciding whether one of these projects is in your future.

Budgetary concerns:

Depending on the materials you choose and possibly the contractor this could wind up costing you more than the kitchen inside your home. The average turnkey, contractor installed outdoor kitchen can cost between $8,000 and $11,000. Mind you this is just for an average kitchen, if you go with the high-end equipment with all the bells and whistles it can easily run as high as $30,000. Of course this will be cheaper if you decide to take on this project yourself.

Planning and design:

When planning for your new outdoor cooking area ensure that you have enough space for what are planning to build. Map out the space carefully using cardboard boxes that have been flattened and cut to reflect the size of your components or tape off the area using masking or blue tape.

Barbecue grills and other equipment:

When choosing a barbecue grill or other built in equipment, such as a refrigerator, ensure that the exterior is constructed of 304 stainless steel. Using this type of stainless steel is pretty much a bare minimum in keeping this expensive equipment looking new for long time to come. Lower end stainless steel grills do not use 304 stainless, which means they will eventually rust and stain. Refrigerators are also in the area for concern and depending on whether you choose a roll away refrigerator that can be stored inside during the winter or one that is going to stay outside your choice will be critical in that units long-term operation.

Cabinet options:

If you’re thinking that wood cabinets would be a great idea you might want to think again. While wood is always a delight to the eye once you move it out into the elements its lifespan becomes extremely limited and if you live in an very moist climate, like the Pacific Northwest where drying out is more of a wish list item, then other materials are better suited. Materials such as brick, poured concrete, concrete block or even some of the new plastic cabinets will have your outdoor kitchens lasting till long after you no longer own the home.

Countertop materials:

The materials you choose here for your outdoor kitchens are no less important than any of the other materials discussed so far. Since the countertop is a flat surface dirt and water will collect on it and can cause staining to occur. In addition if you’re in a cold climate, where freezing happens, cracking may also become an issue. That’s why stone and tile are highly recommended as your materials with granite being the top stone recommendation. Tile though will be cheaper and can produce some very stunning effects when used as a countertop, just ensure that any tile you use is frost free and that both tile and grout are sealed on a regular basis. Sealing goes for granite as well.


The next question to ask yourself is “Am I going to run power and water to my outdoor kitchen?” Running power might be as simple as tapping into a close by receptacle or as complicated as adding a new sub panel to supply all the electrical needs for any future backyard projects. At any rate you will need to have a good handle on power loads and electrical installation. Plumbing on the other hand gives you two things to consider. One is actually bringing the water to the sink and the other is carrying it away to the drain. Tying your new outdoor kitchens sink drain into your house plumbing can in some cases run into some big bucks. Bringing the water in on the other hand might be as simple a tying into a hose bib.

Above we have given you some of the major considerations to be taken into account when planning, designing and building any new outdoor cooking area. Although the task can be daunting for the weekend warrior and downright expensive when hiring a contractor, what you get in return is a full-fledged entertainment center for your any family barbecue or party you might throw.

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