See How To Create Your Own Vertical Hanging Planter Boxes

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Hanging Vertcal Planter Boxes

We came up with the idea for these planter boxes as an alternate to the angled planter boxes that we originally published in a post on April 4th. These boxes use the same basic construction of the box itself but completely changes the hanging method used. Here’s a breakdown of how it is constructed.

The planter box is constructed from a standard 6 inch wide Cedar fence board (cut 36 inches long) and 6” x 5/4” Cedar decking. The ends of the box incorporate the 5/4” decking by cutting it at a 15° angle with a 4 ¾ ”edge to edge dimension at the bottom. The sides and the front are then attached, using either 1 ½” galvanized finish nails or as in our case 1 ½” galvanized staples using a pneumatic staple gun. The bottom of the box uses the same Cedar fence board cut to fit the inside length dimension.

Planter Box End
Detail Of Box End Plate.

The attaching hardware consists of (4) ¼ x 3 ¾  304 stainless steel eye hooks, 304 stainless steel s-hooks and galvanized chain for hanging. The 5/4” side piece will have to be predrilled before screwing in the eye hooks to eliminate the possibility of cracking out the cedar material. Once the eye hooks are screwed in you can then attach the s-hooks using a pair of pliers to crimp one end down so it does not become dislodged from the eye hook.

Vert Planter Boxes Planted

Boxes Fully Planted

The attachment method we used for the box assembly to our pergola was a simple Cedar 2×4 with a pair eye hi screws installed with s-hooks. We did this is to spread the weight of the fully loaded planter boxes across a number of the pergolas 2×2’s. If we had attached to single 2x2s the odds are that over time they would start to bend and droop towards the ground. Now you probably don’t have a pergola that you will be attaching us to so your attachment method will vary so get creative.

As far as staining these boxes you might not want to go out and buy a full gallon can of fence stain which can run you around $26. Instead while you’re at your big box store picking up your eye and s-hooks go over to the spray paint aisle and check out the Krylon spray stain. They have four colors available of which Cedar and Redwood are but two. To complete the project as shown in the video below we used two cans of Redwood and achieved good coverage.

Once the project is completed and hanging you might want to consider using some method of stabilization for the bottom. This will be handy if you live in an area that has storms accompanied by wind, which will make this thing s trillion comfortable girl way like a playground swing. In our area summer storms are fairly rare and are not generally accompanied by wind. In winter these boxes can be taken down and stored elsewhere.

Below are both the original angled planter box project video and the vertical hanging Planter video. Between the two computer pretty good idea of exactly how you’ll complete this project for your specific installation.

Important: Do not use fence boards as the bottom of your box without attaching it with nails or staples. They will warp and fall out through the bottom of the box unless held in place. Alternately you can substitute the 5/4 decking. I learned this the hard way when I found my plants and dirt laying on the ground.


Hanging Planter Boxes Video


Original Angled Planter Boxes Video


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