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Create One And You Will Be Hooked.

Tranquility By The PondWater gardens have a long and varied history, which can be traced back thousands of years to even before the Egyptians who planted water lilies for religious ceremonies. The Asian cultures also consider water gardens to be even a more central theme to their culture, probably due to the fact that so much of their food, such as fish and rice are aquatic based. For most cultures in fact water plays a major theme attesting to its importance to life as a whole.

The sound of running water can also have a therapeutic and almost a tranquilizing effect on the listener. After a long day at the office or chasing children around the house there are very few other things that can be as welcome as sitting by your pond relaxing. Add to it a tall call cool drink and you have what many would consider paradise on earth.

The beauty of these water features is that they can range in size from the uber large concrete pool all the way down to a simple planting pot that has a few plants and a small fountain for circulation. This makes a water garden an achievable slice of nirvana no matter whether you live in a mansion or an apartment with a small balcony. All you have to do is plan out your space and get busy.










Designing these water features can also be fun as well as a creative outlet for all those involved in the process. But what do you want to consider when you’re designing your little piece tranquility? Well the list is long and varied, so let’s get started and I’ll give you a quick overview of what you might want to consider in any water features you may want.

  • The first thing you’re going to want to consider are your space requirements. How big do you want the water garden to be and will fit in the space you’re considering? The space constraints will also have great impact on the shape of your addition, remember it doesn’t have to be perfectly square or perfectly round just let your creativity flow.
  • Next thing you might want to consider is will it be a below ground or an above ground construction? In areas with heavy clay soil you might want to consider an above ground pond, simply because it will cut down on a lot of back breaking excavation. In sandy soils were digging is a lot easier a below ground water garden will provide some added protection for fish and plants in cold weather.
  • Will you want a waterfall? Waterfalls or spillways are possible in either above or below ground gardens. If you’ve decided that you do want one then sizing your pump will be a major concern, with too small of your pump you will not get the water flow you’ll be looking for. At a minimum you’ll want a pump that can move half the volume of the water in the garden in 1 hour.
  • Keeping the water in is a major if not the goal and that’s where the liner comes in. Most of us are familiar with liners from our above ground pools as children, but liners for water features are of higher quality than those for pools. It is suggested that you stick with EDPM or butyl rubber to make sure that you’re not replacing the liner in after 10 years. You’d be surprised how fast 10 years can go by and moving fish, plants and disassembling the pond is a major bother at best.
  • Power is an additional consideration. You’ll want electricity for at least a pump as well as any other items you decide you might want to have, such as lights and sterilizers.

Above are just a few of the considerations for your new water garden, Other items such as depth of the pond, how many fish, what type of filtration and what type of plants can also enter into the mix as well. Don’t worry though no matter how much work and effort you put into your new water garden it will be well worth it from a sheer relaxation standpoint alone.



The links below will take you to various topics for water gardens that will hopefully make things simpler and clearer.